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Professor Marc Hamoir,
President of King Albert II Institute

Our main mission is to :


  • By guaranteeing patients comprehensive care of optimum quality.

  • By developing cutting-edge research in oncology and facilitating exchanges between clinicians and scientists.

  • By providing training for tomorrow's doctors and researchers.

As part of a general hospital, we care for patients, not just tumours. Patients thus have a guarantee that everything to do with their health will be taken into account and they will benefit from the expertise of every Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc specialists. Each patient's medical file is computerised and directly and fully accessible to every doctor. This sharing of information, combined with proximity, ensures perfect communication between staff members.

In the fight against cancer, patients are at the centre of our team-based care. Teams make their expertise and knowledge of the various academic domains fully available, always paying particular attention to the human aspect of patient care.

In this perspective, we have created a job unique in Belgium, the Oncology Care Co-ordinator or CSO. This co-ordinator ensures that thorough care is provided, accompanies patients throughout their treatment, plays a key role in keeping patients and their relatives informed and supported and provides perfect co-ordination between everyone involved. To find out more, click here.


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