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Our specificities

Over the years, the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc King Albert II Institute has organised itself so as to provide optimum care for patients. Here are some things that set the centre apart:



With its tradition of excellence and innovation, the Universitaires Saint-Luc King Albert II Institute is the leader in cancer treatment in French-speaking Belgium in terms of numbers of patients cared for each year. It is the only Belgian centre that treats all types of cancer in both adults and children. This gives its specialists a huge wealth of experience in cancer patient care.


The King Albert II Institute is fully integrated within Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc. This means that every patient treated in the King Albert II Institute has the guarantee of global care, which takes account of everything to do with his or her state of health.
For example, cancer patients with diabetes will be given global care, benefiting from the expertise of different doctors treating the cancer and the diabetes in the same location. Patients are also guaranteed perfect communication between all carers, thus guaranteeing each carer full knowledge of what is on the patient’s medical file.


To guarantee optimum quality of care for all patients, the King Albert II Institute has created a job unique in Belgium, the oncology care co-ordinator or CSO. The co-ordinator accompanies patients throughout their treatment, playing a key role in keeping both patients and relatives informed and supported. The co-ordinator also ensures perfect co-ordination between the various people involved.

When cancer strikes, both patients and families can be plunged into fear and distress. The support of a psychologist will be offered, and the psychologist may be involved in all stages in the disease.

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To provide the best care, all specialists involved in diagnosing and treating the patient must meet together beforehand to discuss the methods of the treatment.

The Cliniques Universitaires Saint Luc King Albert II Institute contains several multidisciplinary groups, which cover all types of cancer and, as their name suggests, consist of specialists from different disciplines: oncologists, haematologists, radiotherapists, house doctors, surgeons, radiologists, anatomopathologists and genetic specialists. Each group specialises in one type of cancer (for example, the “breast tumours discussion group”).
Each patient’s case is discussed individually and specifically during these multidisciplinary meetings, thus guaranteeing optimum care and personalised treatment, based on the expertise of the multidisciplinary group, international literature and the latest scientific progress in diagnostic and therapeutic tools.


The King Albert II Institute is an integral part of Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, which has a basic threefold teaching mission: to provide top-quality care, develop up-to-date research and offer excellent teaching facilities.
All these activities are combined on the same site, guaranteeing optimal interaction between actors. This close collaboration between researchers and clinicians allows us to perfect new treatments aimed at improving the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer. Our patients are the first to benefit from proximity and exchanges.


The King Albert II Institute is actively involved in cancer research, through laboratories and clinical studies managed by the doctors.

A specific feature of teaching centres with a direct link to a medical faculty, basic research is carried out in the laboratory.
At the Woluwé site of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), a number of laboratories are dedicated exclusively to research into new cures for cancer.
This is the location of ICP (Christian de Duve Institute of Cellular Pathology), an international biomedical research institute. Among other organisations, it houses the Brussels branch of the Ludwig Institute, whose laboratories are world-famous for their cancer research.

Clinical research offers patients opportunities to test new molecules or combinations of molecules before they are marketed. These are clinical trials offered by pharmaceutical firms and studies initiated by the King Albert II Institute clinicians.
The aim of these trials is twofold: on one hand, to offer patients the most up-to-date treatment, and on the other hand, to advance research in the fight against cancer.
We therefore offer patients the opportunity to benefit from the latest updated treatments.



Over the years, we have created a network linking numerous world-famous hospitals and King Albert II Institutes.
Many doctors are regularly sent abroad to improve their medical knowledge, learn new surgical techniques, and familiarise themselves with new technology. All this keeps the Saint-Luc King Albert II Institute at the forefront with the latest innovations.

New technology

We invest continually in new equipment, to offer patients the best care and also to help research progress.
Among our latest acquisitions is tomotherapy hi-art, a real revolution in radiotherapy, one of the first machines of its kind installed in Europe and the first to be operational in French-speaking Belgium. It helps us treat even the most inaccessible tumours effectively.

We also have a latest generation PET-CT, which helps us provide more efficient examinations when diagnosing certain types of cancer.

CHIP (intra-peritoneal chemohyperthermia) is a recent technique used on colorectal cancer patients. It involves administering chemotherapy at the end of an operation during which cancer-affected organs are removed. This technique, involving some twenty different specialities, has improved the prognosis for patients with advanced colorectal cancer.

Finally, in the laboratories, each tumour is individually mapped in order to determine the hereditary risk of certain cancers and the interest of specific targeted treatments.


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