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The Oncology Care Co-ordinator


Oncology Care Co-ordinators


To guarantee optimal care for all patients, the King Albert II Institute has created a job unique in Belgium: the oncology care co-ordinator or CSO.

The CSO is a nursing care graduate or master of biomedical science.

Alongside the doctors, the CSO is a patient’s contact within the hospital, acting as a channel of information throughout the patient’s stay. He provides complete co-ordination between various specialist doctors and organises timetables for examinations and treatments in order to maximise the patient’s chances of remission. Available to answer all patients’ questions, he provides an essential link between the various stages of treatment and orientates the patient, ensuring that each situation is properly understood.
The CSO’s role as co-ordinator is not limited to the hospital. He also makes contact with patients at home and with GPs and specialist doctors, in order to optimise care and provide proper transmission of information.

CSO's, who work closely with the medical and clinical research co-ordinators, are also responsible for collecting medical data from patients. These data enrich the database essential for research into new anti-cancer treatments.
Each multidisciplinary group benefits from a CSO’s services.

Do you need information on how your treatment is monitored, or on the side effects connected with your treatment?
The care co-ordinator responsible for your file will be able to help you. You will find his or her details by choosing the right tumour type from the list opposite.


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