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Social services


During your illness, you may encounter specific issues or problems for which it may be helpful to involve social services.

Through their knowledge of legislation and social networks, hospital social workers can inform you of your rights and obligations in various matters, refer you to the right organisations and individuals, help you with complicated procedures, or intervene on your behalf with other organisations.

The areas covered by hospital social services include the following, as well as others:

•    Social security
     •    Sickness and disability insurance department for issues concerning:
        •    Work incapacity and disability.
        •    Resumption or continuation of work.
        •    Reimbursement of health costs etc.
        •    Family allowance (e.g. further involvement in cases of serious illness
             affecting a child)
     •    National Employment Office (e.g. various time credit formulae etc).

•    Recognition of loss of independence linked to illness (benefits, social security and
      tax favours etc).

•    Social security and financial assistance granted under certain conditions, especially by CPAS and 

•    Provisions before, during and after a stay in hospital
     •    Convalescence
     •    Periods of care or rehabilitation after a stay in hospital
     •    Continuation of care at home

•    Referral to charitable services for hospital transport.

Do not hesitate to make contact if necessary.

Appointments may be arranged via the Secretary’s Office of Cliniques Universitaires’ social services on (02) 764.15.82 during working hours.


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