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Role of the King Albert II Institute in translational research

Transferring innovative therapeutic approaches to the patient is the fruit of advances in medical research (fundamental, clinical, therapeutic and in public health).


The King Albert II Institute has positioned itself along the route leading from research in the laboratory to the patient’s bed.


This route is complex.


The role of the King Albert II Institute is to promote pluridisciplinary research, connecting different scientific and hospital contributors, amongst others thanks to the setting up of national and international research networks, and new infrastructures.


It is also a privileged partner for drug manufacturers, medical technology and biotechnology companies.


This dynamic of collaboration is indispensable in translational research which is still costly and often too scattered.


The King Albert II Institute could benefit in the years to come from specific financing allocated in the framework of the “Cancer Plan” initiated by the Minister for Public Health, Ms Onkelinx.


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